Download Distributions

All Open SUIT files can be found in the OW2 forge.

Hereafter is the list ordered by version.


  • Open SUIT v1.0: The first official Open SUIT release, fully functional, with only minor known bugs.
  • Open SUIT v1.0.1: This release brings minor enhancements and solves a few bugs from 1.0:
    • Breadcrumb support,
    • Adds the required <Summary> element to <base:html.table.Table> elements (for accessibility reasons),
    • Adds the OpenPolicy attribute to the <base:action.Download> element, to provide a better control on the browser's expected behavior.

Open SUIT plugin for Eclipse

  • Open SUIT plugin v1.0.0:
    • Embeds and supports Open SUIT 1.0.
  • Open SUIT plugin v1.0.1 (deprecated):
    • Embeds and supports Open SUIT 1.0 and 1.0.1,
    • Some bugs prevent this version from managing correctly the 2 Open SUIT versions; this plugin version is depreciated, please use 1.0.2 instead.
  • Open SUIT plugin v1.0.2:
    • Embeds and supports Open SUIT 1.0 and 1.0.1,
    • Corrects bugs from 1.0.1.